A mono-manure digester on a dairy farm with 100 cows can produce the equivalent of 50,000 Nm3 of natural gas in the form of biogas. This biogas containing about 60% methane is dried and purified. In this form it can be used perfectly well in biogas burners or in biogas engines. However, to drive a tractor with it, a methane content of at least 85% is required.

BASgas supplies biomethane that comes directly from the farmyard. This biogas can be upgraded to green gas. By compressing this green gas to high pressure, it is possible to fuel a tractor with biomethane. For large digesters with a reprocessing plant, this is possible today.

BASgas has a mobile skid (2 x 3 x 2.7 m) that purifies and compresses biogas to 300 bar. The next step is to increase the methane content so that farmyard biogas can be directly converted into tractor fuel. BASgas expects to deliver this option in 2023.


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