Development farmyard biogas production

It should become feasible for all livestock farmers to produce biogas. This is good for the farmer, energy transition, and agriculture. To realize this, an innovative chain solution is needed for the large group of livestock farmers with less than 200 cows. This solution is small-scale and flexible in the valorization of the biogas.

After a two and a half year process, the prototype was installed last June at a dairy farm in  Brabant, the Netherlands. The biogas produced and cleaned there is stored on-site in gas cylinders and then transported by truck to the customer. In this case, that customer is Mobile Stroom, a company from Maarssen that rents out a gas turbine with a generator to produce electricity on location.

As the next step, we are now talking about our rollout with farmers, gas customers, financiers, and partner suppliers.

Read the full post in Energeia (article in Dutch language):


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